Since childhood, we are colouring up our life. From having colour books to having artwork to even painting our beautiful homes. Just like our lives, our brand also has a journey. It is crucial to fill up your brand canvas with the right colours. These colours help to emotionally connect with your consumer and elevate brand loyalty.

Brand Personality- Judge the temperance of your brand whether it is soft and vibrant or rugged and outdoorsy. It has a luxuriousness or rudimentary straightforwardness.

Target Audience- Kids segment can be targeted with fun and bright colours. The Aged section of the customers will get attracted with monochromatic themes.

It is of paramount importance to understand the concept that each colour and each shade have its own mood or tone which should ultimately match with your brand’s essence. If we think about the major brands like Starbucks then immediately we get its deep green and white colour theme in our mind. Although initially,the Starbucks logo was not green but brown. As brown is often stimulated with appetite. Later, they transformed it into green paired with white because green being a secondary colour has a combination of blue and yellow. Blue is a cool colour and yellow being a warm colour, makes green a balanced and harmonized colour presenting peacefulness and calmness.

Similarly, if we talk about Google, then they used primary colours along with green which is a secondary colour. This is to bring the idea that Google does not follow rules. The vibrancy of different colours in their logo shows their user-friendliness and diversity. Also, Microsoft has a similar pattern to show the diverseness of their software.

Colours aesthetic

Let's check what major brand colours impact to narrow down your colour selection as per the tone of your brand.

  • Green – Organic, environment, growth, kindness, refreshing, health.
  • Red- attention-grabbing, passion, excitement, power, energy
  • Pink- romantic,optimistic, youthful, playful, friendly
  • Gold- tradition, wealth, prosperity, value,success, glowing, radiant, wisdom
  • Grey-minimal, sleek, neutral, mature, solid, reliable, secure, intelligent, professional, stability
  • Black-dramatic, bold, timeless, powerful, glamorous, mysterious, authoritative, luxurious, elegant
  • Brown-earthy, conservative, reliable, friendly, natural, organic
  • Yellow-warm, optimistic, friendly,creative, energetic, positive, cheerful
  • Purple-royal, honourable, mystical, spiritual,imaginative, creative, artistic, success, intuition
  • Blue-serene, healing, soothing, harmonious, spiritual, trustworthy, imaginative, productivity

Apart from colour aesthetics, there are numerous aspects of colours selection. Generally, designers use several colour schemes and other contexts for preparing a brand-specificcolour palette. The effective palette is made from colours that are as per brand essence and can create an effective appeal to the viewer.

Monochromatic Analogous Complementary Split-Complementary Triadic Tetradic

In this, different tones, shades and tints of a specific colour hue are used.

-Easy to maintain harmony and balance
In this, alternative colours from the colour wheels are selected as they often look similar

In this, colours are selected from the opposite side of the colour wheel (one primary colour is preferable).

-It is the most attention-grabbing palette.

In this, three colours, one primary and the other two complementary secondary colours are used

-It is versatile, harmonious, eye-catching.

In this, three colours that are evenly spaced from the colour wheels are selected

-Provides vibrancy and style and originality

In this, four colours are selected. Mainly  two pairs of combination colours.

-colourful palette rich with contrast.