Let’s skip the fancy words today and talk rationally. What is the sole motive of the business? They want sales and profit, right? And what does branding do? Well, it brings those potential consumers to get businesses those fancy digits they always want in their books.  Branding allows customers to set expectations from your business and creates authentic credibility. Creativity, appropriate skills and brand-specific strategies helps to create an identity of your business which creates emotional bonding between the brand and consumer.

A brand is a voice, and a product is a souvenir.
-Lisa Ganksy

If we are discussing things rationally then let's understand what branding profoundly involves and what it majorly establishes in the saturated market.  

  • The first thing branding requires is in-depth market research along with a thorough consumer behaviour study. It helps the business to establish them in the market with the right statics and set them with a strong essence.

  • The thing that keeps customers stuck to a brand is its consistency. Consistency with product quality, brand identity, vision, colour theme, style, design and words.

  • Communication is the other prominent key. The quicker the message delivers with the accuracy of the words and through the right medium, brings the most trust and creates goodwill for your brand.

  • This is the vital point that most of the brands overlook especially with the digital medium due to the vagueness of the internet but getting feedback on your products, your brand and overall your brand identity helps you to analyse your growth and potential measures to stabilize on that.

If we think about the foundation of our business and what is the general base at which our business works then the first thing that comes to our mind is the product/service that we are proving to our consumer, right? But the thing that your potential customer connects with even more than your product/service is your ‘Brand Value’.  Consumer loyalty stays with a brand only if they share common values.

We all have this idea that our product is the highlight of our brand. It is our brand identity. We are going to cash on our product. But… yes, there is a ‘but’ in this thought process. Your product does not make your business. Your impressive branding gets the attention of your target audience that amplifies your product. To create a memorable brand identity, using colours as per the tone of your business and with overall consistency makes the last longing impression in people’s minds.

Brand experience is also one of the main points on which consumers make long term choices. Brand advertising and messages should be ethical and appropriate to create trust and loyalty. Broken promises and vague statements will only make people drift away. Some brand lines such as electronic appliances or home appliances can maintain brand trust by fast and quick after-sale services. 

So, branding is the core of your business which keeps you stronger in the ever-changing dynamics of the market.