The B of branding is consistently evolving. Each day we discover something new, something creative by different brands that are trying to grab the attention of their customers. In the past years, branding was all foreign to normal people and seems to be the thing of the big market players. The pace of our lives has tremendously increased in the past 20 years. And in this contemporary lifestyle, branding is not restricted to any particular market group. From startups to small businesses everyone is practising heavily on branding. Collaborating with new agencies to launch an entirely new business setup, every brand's first priority, in the present day, is to have a strong social media presence to get a hold in the market. Like these brands, they captured their ideal market by targeting their potential consumers on the internet.

Although, instant lifestyle of ours has numerous benefits but it has also highlighted the ill effect of our lack of attention to things. Surrounding is constantly changing and with the domination of the internet over us, we are consuming too much content in just a little bit of time. Every medium has its own reader/viewer's time that they spend for content interaction. The time duration for print-medium is way more than the electronic media. But our digital medium has an attention span of mere fractions of a second. With the technologically advancing world, brands' initial focus is set towards digital branding. There is a multitude of brands that are solely promoting on social platforms rather than having both OOH advertising and over the web. So, every brand's sole focus, in the current time, is to get the hold of their consumer’s attention within those fractions of a second.

If we focus on the term branding whether traditional or digital, it was even in the past and always will be the sole entity of your business. Branding can make your business go viral both positively and negatively within seconds. So, it is of paramount importance to use ethical branding practices. With the internet, it is also vital to maintain transparency as everything has major consequences or over-the-top reactions over the internet. That’s why it is important to have clear brand goals in order to maintain consistency and reliability throughout your brand. From logo to colour palette to tone of your business, everything should complement the overall brand essence.

Zomato’s cheesy notifications to Netflix’s meme content. In digital marketing, all brands are aware of the power of the internet and the kind of content that keeps them rolling over there. Humour and creativity are the keys to winning over the internet. Every other brand is hoping to stand out with the power of Millenials and Gen Z as these are the two major age groups having the greatest hold over the web. Often businesses are too much invested in the social media that they neglect traditional branding measures that actually make trust and authentic goodwill for your business.

Earlier, branding was practised as per the brand’s perspective. The ideology of the business, their vision and mission was the sole concept that was promoted to the customers. But nowadays, these preferences have taken a full 360-degree twist. With the focus diversion from customers adapting themselves with the brand to the customer is the king. Now, before starting a business, we don’t think about what is missing in the market that we can target to enjoy a monopoly. Rather, we are now focused on what our customer needs and how we can make their lives more convenient and comfortable.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.

– Seth Godin

Uniformity, harmony and balance between the brand tones, fonts, brand’s vision and their identity is the only possible way to make consumers feel emotionally connected to a brand. Humans thrive on emotional connections. For eg. During the MSG controversy, Maggi faced a major setback in the global market. They could have faced many huge losses and even complete fall of their unit but they used emotional appeal to maintain the connection with their customers by rolling out the #merimaggi campaign that maintained their consumer relationship. After which, it was easier for Maggi to make a comeback and get back their loyal customers.  So, branding is important to build and maintain trust and connections with the existing customers and also to interact with the new ideal consumers. Branding helps you to survive in the ever-changing market for ages.


Image credit: Google and NetflixIN instgram.